Protecting your vision does not have to mean ditching your style. Sunglasses have certainly evolved from only being used as protective shields from UV rays and sunlight. Today, there are thousands of styles to choose from and every man should carry this accessory to boost their appearance and care for their eye health. Every outfit is complete once the statement shades go on. How do you find which statement shape is best suited for you?

Follow Complete Optical’s guide to the best men’s sunglasses based on face shape:

Square Face Shape? Go For Rounded Frames

Square jawlines often have more prominent cheekbones and are symmetrical to the forehead and jaw. Your face shape is known for its outstanding definition and that’s why it’s important to choose a frame style that does not overwhelm the face. Round rimmed sunglasses are suitable for your face shape, because the roundness of the rims balance out and soften boxy and bold features. Vintage circular sunglasses, most famously donned by John Lennon, are a great choice for a traditional, classic accessory.

Oval Face Shape? Anything Goes

The oval face shape, most versatile of all face types, is longer with a curved chin and a rounded jawline and cheekbones. If you have this face definition, you’re in luck, as most sunglass shape, styles and trends will suit you. This gives you leeway to experiment with various styles from classic aviators, to thick rimmed square shades or vintage round frames. However, be wary of sunglasses with frames that sit too low on the face, as this can elongate your face and disbalance your facial symmetry. 

Round Face Shape? Rectangular or Square Rims Are For You

Similar to the square face shape, the round silhouette requires frames that balance out its definition. The cheekbones are often the most prominent facial feature, with a less defined jawline and smaller forehead. Slim the cheeks and add definition with sharp angled square or rectangular sunglasses to compliment your soft face lines. Full-rimmed shades make your face look sharper and instantly make you look chic and fashion forward. Tortoiseshell sunglasses are another practical option for every day while maintaining a modern, stylish look.

Heart Face Shape? Choose Light Colours and Low-Set Temples

The heart face shape is also known as the “triangle” silhouette with a more pointy, narrow chin, a more prominent forehead and broad brow. Often characterized by striking eyes, you don’t want to hide them, so opt for lighter colour rims and lenses. Thin and low-set temples even out proportions and flatter your face shape. Clubmaster sunglasses with light rims are classic for your silhouette and add curve appeal to your chin area.

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